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Will bees become an endangered species?

  • May
  • 6

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It appears that bee populations are dwindling and people are starting to become concerned at the scale of the bee catastrophe. Many scientists and bee keepers have many theories of what might be causing the decline. These theories range from weather and climate change to pesticide use and over-use to disease, viruses and parasites. None […]

Quality Feed = Quality Milk

  • April
  • 21

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Fredericton Junction based Atlantic Dairy and Forage Institute is looking to undergo a $8.5 million expansion in part to research how to improve the quality of milk. The Institute hopes to examine how the quality of feed impacts the quality of milk which is produced by cows. By determining how the quality of the feed […]

“Big Chicken” and FDA Battle Over Antibiotics

  • August
  • 14

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There is a growing concern over the use of antibiotics in animals and how excessive use (or misuse) of antibiotics in animals can lead to reduced antibiotic effectiveness in humans. Antibiotics on the farm lead to human resistance Numerous studies and evidence indicate (although not conclusively) that there is a direct link between the use […]

Cutting cattle methane emissions

  • May
  • 11

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Researchers from the University of Alberta, the Guelph University and the University of Manitoba have found a way to cut cattle methane by up to 25 percent. Feed is key By adjusting feed’s chemical balance, researchers were able to greatly reduce methane production in cattle. Specifically they examined the balance of starch, sugar, cellulose, ash, […]

NB Maple Syrup Producers get Funding

  • March
  • 4

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The province of New Brunswick recently announced that it would make available up to $300,000 for silviculture operations such as thinning (commercial and pre-commercial) on their sugar maple stands. Judging from last year’s silviculture funding, there are restrictions to what size operation are eligible for funding (5 hectares with > 150 taps/ha) as well a […]

Sustainable hog farming stages a comeback

  • December
  • 31

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It is great to see that bigger is not always better. The story old-school hog farming stages a comeback, about Russ Kremer and the Ozark Mountain Pork co-operative, is a fabulous demonstration that quality and sustainable agriculture can succeed and overcome the mindset that bigger and “more efficient” is always the best. I don’t think […]

New Brunswick Open Farm Day 2008

  • September
  • 19


New Brunswick Open Farm Day for 2008 has been scheduled for September 21st, 2008. Open Farm Day Every year in the fall, the NB Department of Agriculture and Aquaculture, along with the agricultural alliance of NB with support from the Sobey’s supermarket chain have an Open Farm Day. In the spirit of Doors Open, this […]

Looking for some lemon meringue pie?

  • September
  • 10

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If you are looking for some lemon meringue pie or just about anything else that uses lemons, be prepared to have to hunt it down as you might have a hard time finding it. You might want to get your wallet ready too as a shortage of lemons (and lemon juice) has pushed prices for […]

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