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Apple season is here in NB!

  • August
  • 28

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I just bought a bag of local Jersey Mac apples from Gagetown Fruit Farm via Real Food Connections. Finally local apples are back and fall is just around the corner. The apples were a bit on the small side but still sweet and tasty!  

The Last Apple Orchard in Mercer Maine

  • December
  • 22

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Interview with Francis Fenton who at 95 is the owner and still actively manages Sandy River Apple Orchard which is the last apple orchard in Mercer, Maine. He discusses the uncertainty of the future of the farm and how family farms in the area have been disappearing over the last few decades. Mercer’s Last Apple […]

Attracting New Farmers to the Maritimes

  • October
  • 26


With the decline in the number of farm and farmers in the Maritimes, it is important to keep farms profitable and sustainable. In order to keep the sector vibrant, it is also important to attract new farmers to the profession including the next generation of current farmers as well as any others who might be […]

Open Farm Day 2009

  • September
  • 20

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Open Farm Day NB 2009 is set for September 20th. As in previous years, the New Brunswick Dept of Agriculture, the Agricultural Alliance of NB along with Sobey’s present Open Farm Day 2009. This event, scheduled to take place September 20th, 2009, allows the general public to visit participating farms across the province. There are […]

Province announces $850,000 in support of agriculture

  • August
  • 16

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In late July, the New Brunswick government announced a large funding initiative for the agricultural sector. Totalling up to $850,000 the funds will be divided between several different programs in the following manner: Livestock genetic enhancement initiative – $300,000 Honeybee expansion initiative – $150,000 Apple development initiative – $100,000 Organic development initiative – $90,000 Strategic […]

Farmers’ Share of Food Dollar

  • July
  • 24

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How much of the money that you spend at the grocery store ends up in the farmer’s pockets? According to the article “Farmers’ Share of Food Dollar” on Envirovore, not much. The story claims that on average, 20% of every dollar goes to the farmer. Obviously, the percentage will vary greatly based on product and […]

New Brunswick orchards and vineyards receive investment from government

  • June
  • 27

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Earlier this week, the provincial agriculture minister Ronald Ouellette and Fundy Royal MP Rob Moore announced an initiative directed at New Brunswick’s orchards and vineyards. Up to $772,680 ($309,000 provincial – $463,680 federal) will be made available to fruit tree and vineyard owners across the province who wish to transition existing grape vines and fruit […]

Farms, Farming and Food

  • June
  • 4

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This is a new blog dedicated to food and agriculture. As the blog is based in Fredericton, New Brunswick the blog will cover some local and regional issues and stories. The Food, Food, Food blog will also examine agriculture and food related issues across Canada and around the world. Some of the issue that I […]

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