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Food Labelling

Barcodes could reveal your food’s credentials

  • June
  • 16

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Part of the problem with the current food supply chain is the disconnect between producer and consumer. Information about where food is grown or manufactured as well additional information about growing techniques or specific manufacturing process are not available to consumers. Even after extensive research, it is often difficult to know where our food comes […]

Short Sizing – The magically shinking package size

  • November
  • 19

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Have you ever noticed that certain food items that you buy don’t seem to last as long as before? This could be due to the practice known as short sizing. What is short sizing? The practice of short sizing consists of slightly reducing package sizes while keeping the prices near the same level. This has […]

Cheese labelling changes in Canada

  • October
  • 27

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In 2007, the Canadian government announced new regulatory changes with respect to cheese sold in Canada that may affect the quality, content and perhaps the price of cheese in your supermarket. Cheese labelling changes The changes are fairly minor but the updated law will require imposes compositional standards for cheeses. In other words there will […]

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