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“Big Chicken” and FDA Battle Over Antibiotics

  • August
  • 14

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There is a growing concern over the use of antibiotics in animals and how excessive use (or misuse) of antibiotics in animals can lead to reduced antibiotic effectiveness in humans. Antibiotics on the farm lead to human resistance Numerous studies and evidence indicate (although not conclusively) that there is a direct link between the use […]

Using RFID to track produce from farm to plate

  • August
  • 7

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In April, the Hawaii Department of Agriculture started a three year pilot program which is attempting to trace and track produce (tomatoes in the pilot) using RFID tags. The tags are not attached directly to the tomatoes but to the boxes in which the tomatoes are shipped from the farm. The intent is to have […]

Salmonella and the tomato industry

  • June
  • 12

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The tomato industry appears to be headed for some tough times after the recent rash of salmonella poisoning cases in the United States. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has linked the salmonella cases to certain raw tomatoes. Tomato varieties which appear to be of concern are raw red plum tomatoes, raw red Roma […]

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