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Nadeau Poultry Farm to lay off 175 workers in Edmunston, NB

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12:56 am food processing

Nadeau Poultry Farm a large chicken processor located in northern New Brunswick, has announced a layoff of 175 workers which is approximately half of its staff. The managers of the plant state that the staff reduction is caused by a lack of a supply of chickens to process after its prime chicken supplier and soon to be competitor Westco diverted a large amount of chickens to an Olymel plant in Quebec.

The poultry processing company has been in a long running dispute with competitor Westco over the supply and processing of chickens in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Westco and Olymel have teamed up and are planning to build their own slaughterhouse facility in Northern NB in the near future.

Nadeau is still hoping to get the New Brunswick government to pass a law which prohibits export of chickens for processing. I personally don’t see the provincial government to pass such a bill at a time where it is trying to open up trade borders with its neighbour Quebec.

Update: Nadeau employees have tried unsuccessfully to block shipments of chickens to Quebec.

It appears that there are still talks to try to resolve the situation according to the premier.

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