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New Cheese Plant in New Brunswick

  • March
  • 5

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Backed by private investors, a company called Cheese New Brunswick have announced that they will be opening a new cheese plant near Sussex, New Brunswick. The facility will create a new hard cheese similar to the popular Reggiano-Parmiagiano cheese from Italy.

Due to cheese labelling restrictions, the cheese cannot be called Reggiano-Parmiagiano unless it comes from a very specific region of Italy but it doesn’t prevent Cheese NB to create a very similar cheese under a different name which has not yet been revealed.

The $10 million plant which is scheduled to commence construction within 6 months, with completion in a year in a half. Due to the time required to age the cheese, it is expected that cheese will not be available on retail shelves for 3 years or so. Cheese New Brunswick has already secured a sufficient milk quota to create the volume of cheese that it expects.

Under optimistic scenario of maximum capacity a maximum of 40 employees will be needed for the Cheese New Brunswick operation.

Overall this is great news for the Sussex area and the agricultural community in New Brunswick. Any operation that uses local agricultural products and hires local people is a positive development. I’m looking forward to tasting this new cheese. I just wish that I didn’t have to wait for three years.

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