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Using RFID to track produce from farm to plate

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2:31 am food safety

In April, the Hawaii Department of Agriculture started a three year pilot program which is attempting to trace and track produce (tomatoes in the pilot) using RFID tags. The tags are not attached directly to the tomatoes but to the boxes in which the tomatoes are shipped from the farm.

The intent is to have a record of the produce’s location and therefore be able to trace produce through the food distribution chain. By having such traceability, it would be easy to quickly isolate and contain food contamination such as the recent salmonella outbreaks in the United States.

If successful, this technology could help reliably track shipments of produce, meat and other goods through our food system. Despite probable objections to opening up this kind of data, if it was made available to consumers, it would give us the ability to see where our food really comes from.

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